• The Wall


    It is 11:25am and you just hit The Wall.  That point in the day when you don’t want to do anymore.  Can’t do anymore.  You might as well hang it up.  Check out now.  Go home sick.

    Because, come to think of it, you do feel kind of sick.

    Yeah!  That’s it!  That dragging heaviness in your limbs isn’t laziness or burnout.  It’s the flu!  And…  Wait for it… Yes!  There it is!

    An upset stomach!  And a headache!

    Oooh. Double whammy.  This must be bad.

    Why fight it?  You should just dim the lights… lay your head down ever so gently on your desk…

    Oh, look at that.  Your jacket makes an excellent pillow.

    You are sick, after all.  Death by a drippy nose and swollen glands.  Or maybe it was pneumonia.  You don’t exactly recall right now.  Everything has gone fuzzy in a pleasant sort of way.  As you drift away you think, maybe it was mono.

    Your head snaps up, your eyes wide, a wet spot drooled into your jacket.


    Yes, you nod to yourself, swiping your chin with the back of one hand. It could definitely be mono. Fatigue is a symptom of mono, isn’t it? And boy howdy, you sure do feel tired right now.  You were falling asleep at your desk for God’s sake! In fact, you are downright exhausted.

    Oh yes. You should definitely go home—for the sake of your co-workers.  You don’t want to get them sick.  They won’t mind that you haven’t finished your work. Not only will they forgive you, they will thank you for doing the right thing, for falling on your own sword and calling it a day at – you glance at the clock – 11:33am.  Really, you are doing this for them.

    Your phone rings.  It’s your boss.


    Back to work.

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  1. Cathy says:

    I hope you went home after that! If you don’t feel good, you just flat out don’t feel good and staying at work won’t make it better. I’ve done it lots of times and ended up very sick because I wouldn’t give up. Please take care of yourself. Remember, no one else will take care of you but YOU!

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