• Missing the Point: Born in Texas


    I first saw the “Born in TX, Built by Texans” sticker on the back window of a Tundra while stuck in traffic in Houston.

    I didn’t see the “Toyota Tundra” at the top.

    Texans are very (very!) proud of where they’re from.  Bright white t-shirts saying “Fuck y’all, I’m from Texas” are no longer a shock.  The bold black lettering is usually large enough to be read from a distance.

    Like orbit.

    So, knowing how Texans take pride in their heritage, and having overlooked the important reference to the make/model of the vehicle, I honestly read this sticker as another proud Texan declaring their family’s state of origin and publicly thanking their parents for getting it on.

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  1. Catherine Murphy (mom) says:

    Every State in the Union has one! You can probably find one on a Californian bike, in L.A. that is not here in Montague (no man’s land)! Don’t you remember the t-shirts and license plates they had for Montague?(Mostly on trucks) We just bought one of the license covers. Then there was always our “Follow me to Swain’s” thing we got for the license plate. Just never put it on!

  2. Carlos says:

    Toyota Tundras are made at the San Antonio Texas plant. See it was built by Texans.

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