• Missing the Point: LEOPARD

    Justin and I picked some good friends up from the airport and got stuck in traffic.  Saw a shiny brand new corvette with the vanity plate LEOPARD.

    I started laughing, pointing at the plate. “Look at that!

    Justin and our friends started laughing, too.

    “Clearly that person has concerns about small body parts,” one friend said.

    “There’s definitely some kind of complex going on there,” another friend said.

    “What a stupid plate!” I said, still chuckling.  “I mean, seriously, who the hell is Leo Pard?”

    My laugh sounded lonely and too loud as silence descended.

    “What?” I looked from person to person, confused.  “Do you know who Leo Pard is?”

    “Well, yeah, it could say that,” one friend said diplomatically.  He did not look me in the eye.  After a pause, he said, “Or it could say leopard.”

    I looked at him.  He shrugged, apologizing.  I looked back to the license plate.

    I hung my head.  “Did I really just do that?”

    “Yeah. Yeah, you did.”

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  1. Tina Smith says:

    Best Meghan moment ever. And for once, it didn’t come from the dyslexic!! Even better 🙂

  2. Catherine Murphy (mom) says:

    Yep , she really is a blonde! Gotta love her!

  3. Chrystal says:

    LOL!!!! That’s hilarious!!!!!!!

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