• Missing the Point: Trembling Fish

    When I was in high school, I had a history teacher who hung a sign in his classroom that read “Fish Tremble at the Mention of my Name”.

    I thought this was hilarious.

    But for the wrong reason.

    My reasoning:  Mr. Anderson?  But he’s so nice!  So gentle!  He’s the most non-threatening person I’ve ever met!

    Oh wait, I get it!

    He wants someone to be intimidated by him! It makes him feel better about himself!  Maybe there was no other creature on the face of the planet that would be scared of him, so he spends his spare time intimidating fish!

    I saw that sign as a paying homage to the absurd. He was a very tongue in cheek sort of fellow, so the irony would not have been beyond him.

    My keen teenage eyes focused on the sign, trying to puzzle out it’s mystery.  I overlooked the fishing pole mounted to the wall.  I was blind to the fish hooks and lures decorating the walls. I disregarded the pictures of dear, sweet Mr. Anderson holding up dripping prize catches up by their tails.

    Somehow I took another leap in logic.

    And leapt right over the point.

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  1. Tina Smith says:

    Hey! I remember that sign!

  2. Catherine Murphy (mom) says:

    Saw him and his wife the other day at everyone’s favorite hang out – WAL MART!

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