• Open Letter to a New Mom

    New Mom


    Dear New Mom,

    Welcome to your first day as a Mom.  I know yesterday was hard.  I suppose that’s why it’s called ‘labor’. But you made it, and you are now a full-fledged member of the Mom Club.

    I know you thought you joined the Club during those long, hot, pregnant summer months.  And you thought your entry fee was going through labor.

    I know you thought this, because I thought it, too.

    The members of the Mom Club, well… we let you think that.  Because we know what’s coming.

    See, the thing is, seventeen hours of labor, two hours of pushing, and then having an emergency C section is only the preliminary entry fee.

    The real entry fee came due last night, around two am.

    I’m guessing that’s when you, tired and sore and fresh from major surgery, had to wake up to feed that beautiful little girl you brought into the world less than three hours ago.

    After feeding her, you might have taken a minute (or ten), to stare into her newborn eyes.  By the dim light of a table lamp next to your hospital bed, you might have counted every little finger and toe.

    And maybe you still can’t quite believe that you, you of all people, brought something so amazing and precious into this world.

    You probably held her to you, her tiny head resting right above your heart.  You might have felt your chest cramp some when your cupped hand passed gently over that soft spot.  And if you cried a little here, that’s okay.

    We all do.

    And even now, with your stitches pulling and exhaustion weighing on you like a lead blanket, you know you would do it all again just to hold her like this.

    So, welcome to the Club.  Come in, sit down, take a load off. You earned your way, and you have a lifetime membership, starting now.

    With love,


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  1. Jill says:

    This is the best post ever!!!

  2. Catherine Murphy (mom) says:

    that was beautiful how do I send it to Auntie Minute?

  3. Erica says:

    I loved this the 1st time I read it but I love it even more this time. Thank you (teary grin)

  4. Erica says:

    I just re-read this. It made me teary eyed again. Thank you for putting such beauty into words.

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