• A Foot in Two Worlds

    I live in the great state of Texas, but was raised in the equally great state of California. I’ve been in Texas long enough to recognize the last part of that sentence as a form of sacrilege, and fully expect to catch hell for it at the next family reunion, but it’s true.

    I recently traveled back to California. I picked up my rental car in Sacramento and noticed the mountains to the north. Distance made them a blue haze on the horizon.

    I pointed to the mountains and told the kids, “That’s where we’re going.”


    It’s funny.

    When I was growing up, I barely noticed the mountains. Anyone can grow blind to something they see every day. Even if that something is a beauty so severe it makes your heart ache.

    Mountain and Hannah_New

    I drove along winding roads and gazed up at peaks so high they seemed to close in the sky. I hiked through the California redwoods and understood how the word ‘tree-hugger’ was born.


    I spent time with family I haven’t seen in years, and friends so close to my heart they might as well be family.

    See no evil. Hear no evil.  Speak no evil.  ...wait... where are her hands??

    See no evil.
    Hear no evil.
    Speak no evil.
    where are her hands??

    Then on the plane back I heard a couple of y’all’s and fixin’ to’s and felt like I was already home. I love those mountains, but I also love the big open skies of Texas. I think the kids were happy to be home, too.

    big skies

    Do you live in place other than where you were raised? Tell me about it. I love comments.

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  1. Of course I didn’t venture outside of CA (except that one time we lived in London), but I find that country vs city is like having a foot in two worlds. Whenever I return to the country I know it’s where my heart is. I come home (to the city now) and I also feel a connection there too. I don’t think I would have appreciated my hometown (town? community? It’s technically not a town) if I hadn’t moved away.

    • Meghan says:

      Yep, that’s exactly how I feel about CA and TX. There are strong connections to both, and I’m not sure I’d appreciate either one as much without having known the other. 🙂

  2. Pat Sincox says:

    Yes, I am originally from Lousiana……..Haynesville, in fact, which is only four miles from the Arkansas state line. I spent my first 26 years in the Pelican state, but have spent better than half of the time since then living in Texas, ranging from the pine trees and roses in Tyler to the hot days and cool nights ( and sand) of Midland. I have enjoyed living at each and every stop along the way, but I can’t say that I could ever consider myself a Texican. I don’t speak Spanish, but I can muddle my way through French. I love mexican food, but would rather dive into some Shrimp Creole.
    And, of course, I know I am blaspheming when I say that I really don’t like the Cowboys……………diehard Saints fan. But on the flip side, I have been an Astros fan forever………though it is a struggle right now. Two daughters…..one born in Texas, one born in Louisiana. But would I retire back home…….no way….too small and no mall. Guess I had better learn the words to “Yellow Rose of Texas”………..

  3. Thuan says:

    I came from far away, too different that I don’t thing you want me to start describing, it will take forever!
    I found myself in … Houston, TX, much hotter and more humid than I could ever imagine a place in the USA could be, when I was back home. BUT, (yeah, you know it’s coming, right, Meghan?!), the strange thing is I found similar things here! The smells in the morning, the sounds of the wind, the shades of the tree, the noises of the kids next door ~_~ (Yes, I love hearing her high pitch screams), the ways her mom carefully/lovingly gave her guidance or … threaten to timeout her, .. just too similar to home!
    As much as I love my dearest home town with all my childhood memories that I treasure forever, I am glad that I came to Houston instead of … Cleveland, Ohio (no offend, Ohio!

    • Meghan says:

      Thuan, since I know some of your story, I hope you recognize how amazing you are. I hope someday you share your story with the world. I think your history is something people need to know.

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