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    (I am not a poet.  I don’t have the slightest idea how to write poetry.  I just got bored in the doctor’s waiting room this afternoon and jotted this down. So if this violates every form of poetry known to man, please send my sincerest apologies to my tenth grade English teacher.)


    Wait for the phone to ring for an appointment to be scheduled.

    Get there on time, but

    Wait in waiting rooms.

    Wait in exam rooms.

    Wait for the computer, the nurse, the doctor.

    Wait in line for blood work.

    Wait for lab results.

    Wait on hold with bad insurance company hold music.

    Wait with friends.

    Wait alone.

    (Waiting with friends is better.)

    Wait for good news.

    Wait for bad news.

    Wait for any news.

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  1. Leah Senona says:

    A poet: a person who writes poems.

    You are a poet! And this is a powerful poem that I think many could connect with. Don’t sell yourself short, even in your own head. You have talent in writing in many forms and it shows with each post, including this one.

  2. Annette Foster says:

    You are poet! Xoxo

  3. pwsquare says:

    Beautiful! We will put in in one of your books that I am going to publish for you!

  4. Vanessa says:

    As I have been a nervous wreck since last Thursday. I’m happy to say I can breath again, all it took was my mom text me and telling me that my grandfather ran the priest out of his room! I know it sounds bad but to me just sounds like he is feeling better! 🙂

  5. What a great poem….all doctors should read this!!

  6. Margy Pelonero says:

    I like it! You give me motivation to do the same because I too don’t think of myself as a poet and often times feel like I should capture moments of thought provoking realities. Thanks for that and keep doing what your doing!

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