• 100 Days of Good Karma: Day 23 (A Full House)


    Sunday, August 3, 2014

    Day 23 of 100 Days of Good Karma.

    The kids spent last week with family while Justin and I got through tests and doctors appointments.

    At first it was fun having the house to ourselves.  But after a few days, the house just seemed … empty.

    We picked them up today.

    Today’s silver lining:  My babies are home. 

    Hannah gave me a big hug and told me she missed me.  Connor talked my ear off about how he wanted an X-box from Santa.

    Their noses are sunburned and peeling.  They’re exhausted and grumpy.  They fell asleep in the car on the way home.

    I think that means they had a good time.

    I’m happy to have them home.  The house feels right again.

    There are plenty of days where the noise of two kids is just too much.

    But the silence when they’re gone is too quiet.

    What’s your silver lining today?  I love comments!


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  1. Pam says:

    Fun to read this, even though I’m having the opposite experience. I’ve just spent the past four weeks with my family and today is my first day back to the office. I must admit that it was really fun to eat my lunch at my computer with my headphones in. 🙂

    BUT I somehow (subliminally lonely?) forgot my power source at home, so Andrew and the kids had to come by and visit me at the office…which was all kinds of awesome too.


  2. Annette says:

    I still feel that way. 🙂

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