• 100 Days of Good Karma: Day 28 (Netflix Binge)


    It was funny, Red. It really, really was.

    Friday, August 8, 2014

    Day 28 of 100 Days of Good Karma.

    I moved slow today.

    The kids were awesome.  With Hannah’s help, I dragged a mattress out into the living room so they could jump.  They painted, built tents and played on their tablets all day.

    They barely fought at all.

    I battled nausea and dizziness half the day until I remembered I have medicine for that.

    I took a Zofran and crept back to the couch.

    And that’s where I stayed for the rest of the day.

    I didn’t do much of anything, except…

    Silver Lining:  eight hours of binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. 

    I laid there hugging a blanket and munched on animal crackers because they’re the only thing that didn’t smell completely disgusting.  I felt random little aches and zinging pains run through the breast that has cancer in it.

    Part of my brain wondered if the aches and zings were signs that the chemo was killing the cancer.

    A larger part of my brain wondered what Big Boo was going to do with that screwdriver.

    (And then I found out. *shudder*)

    Eventually the Zofran eliminated the nausea.  But the dizzy stayed, especially if I stood up too fast.

    So I  watched another episode.

    And another.

    And another.

    Kate Mulgrew plays Red, a big, kitchen-running, Russian woman.  She’s my favorite.

    Red wouldn’t put up with cancer, I thought, eating another animal cracker and sipping at my daily requirement of two liters of water.  Red would punch cancer in the tit.

    By the time I turned the TV off it was dark outside and I was falling asleep on the couch.

    I dreamt of orange and khaki uniforms, of solitary confinement, of getting a bloody tampon on a breakfast muffin.

    I’m calling it a good day.

    What’s your silver lining today?  I love comments!


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  1. Michale Bauer says:

    My heart goes out to you Meghan … I hate that you’re experiencing dizziness and nausea. Definitely, take/do anything to handle the side-effects. Your body is telling you what it needs … rest! I’m glad you found something “yummy” to eat … actually, I like animal crackers. And binge watching a great program is quite acceptable.

    My Friday Silver Lining: I enjoyed a deep muscle massage (rolfing) session … feels so good to get the kinks out!

    • Meghan says:

      I don’t know why I held out taking them for so long. I thought I could just power through. Why must I be so stubborn over the silliest things? *sigh*

  2. Auntie Minute says:

    I love animal crackers and when I am sick I can eat them I use to name them before I bit off their heads….but I’m over that now. Stock up on those guys!!

  3. Phil or Paul or BEAVO (I answer to all 3) says:

    That’s one of Ann’s favorite new shows. I have heard such good things about it that I’m considering watching it to kill time until Downton Abbey comes back on! Hope your feeling better today Meghan with an H.

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