• 100 Days of Good Karma: Day 45 (Back to School – A Day of Firsts)


    Monday, August 25, 2014

    Day 45 of 100 Days of Good Karma.

    Today was a day of ‘firsts’.  The first day of school.  Connor’s first day of Kindergarten.  Hannah’s first day of third grade.

    Connor was all talk and energy, chattering away as he walked down the crowded school hallway with a Hot Wheels backpack that looked too big on him bumping beneath a fresh hair cut.

    Hannah walked along beside me, mildly amused at her little brother’s enthusiasm.  She was, after all, a veteran.

    We walked Connor to his classroom first.

    Kindergarten was a beehive of activity.  We could barely walk into the room without brushing the shoulders of another parent escorting a little person.

    Connor dragged Justin by the hand to his chair where Justin ooh’d and ah’d the appropriate number of times.

    Connor carefully placed his backpack over the back of his chair, a move he’d no doubt rehearsed a thousand times over the summer.

    He pulled out his chair and sat down.

    Then a peculiar thing happened.

    A condition rarely seen settled over my son:  he got quiet.

    Thanks to a birthday that didn’t quite make the cut off, he’d spent two long years in preschool watching his friends cross an invisible line into the realm of ‘school agers’.

    He’d talked about Kindergarten the entire summer.

    He had a backpack, for God’s sake.

    And now the day was here.  Really here.

    All over his face was a phrase he could not yet articulate:  Shit just got real.

    I felt the tears building in a lump at the back of my throat so I quickly kissed the top of his head and told him I’d see him after school.

    The three of us left him thinking his new school ager thoughts and warily contemplating the little blonde girl seated next to him.

    Justin and I walked Hannah to her classroom next.

    If Kindergarten was a beehive then the third grade was a ghost town.

    Twenty or so eight year olds sat with heads bent studiously coloring worksheets.  There were fewer parents in the third grade hallway and classrooms, and at first I didn’t understand why.

    We walked Hannah to her seat where her teacher issued instructions to color her worksheet until class started.

    I backed up a bit to take a picture and Hannah shot me a look that reeked of preadolescent embarrassment.

    That’s when I realized what those missing third grade parents already knew.

    Sometime in those brief two and a half months separating the end of second grade from the beginning of third grade we turned a corner.

    On the first day of second grade, Hannah was fine with me taking pictures.

    She was a good sport about taking pictures this morning at home.

    Now that she was at school, her look said it all:  Jeez, mom.  People are watching.

    In a lot of ways seeing this look was harder than leaving Connor.  It reminds me that they won’t be little forever.

    It also makes my heart hurt to think how my ongoing treatment is going to affect her.

    That she can and probably will be embarrassed of me is bad enough, but it isn’t just that.

    I remember how ruthless kids can be, and I worry she will be made fun of or bullied for having a mom with no hair.

    Embarrassed or not, I kissed the top of her head.  I told her to have a good day and that’d I’d see her after school.

    Today’s silver lining: I made it to the hallway before I let the tears fall. 

    Justin heard me sniffling and looked over to see me wiping my eyes.

    He laughed and took my hand, squeezing it gently.

    I gave him a watery smile as we pushed through the double doors leading from the cool hallway out into the already hot August sunshine.

    Another school year begun.

    What’s your silver lining today?  I love comments!


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  1. Lori Carreon says:

    Same here! I hate it! 3rd grade is considered “the big side of the school” in Sweeny and as soon as Cash was going to the big side, he did NOT want his mom walking him to class. They are growing up too fast!

    • Meghan says:

      Oh don’t I know it. I so wasn’t ready for the ’embarrassed’ look this year, but at least I caught a picture of it. 🙂

  2. Patrick Moore says:


    My “little one” started 4th grade yesterday. (My story from last year is similar to yours. No pictures, No kisses and leave quickly.) Yesterday morning I asked her if I could walk her to class…silence….NO DAD that’s embarrassing! I drove her to school and we sat mostly in silence while we waited for the gym door to open. She shouted “finally” (startling me) and started to jump out. I grabbed her arm and said hold on, give me a kiss. (a shocked look on her face). She gave me a quick peck and she was out of the car and running towards the door. They grow up too fast. Sometimes I feel that because I am “older”, that she may be embarrassed by that. She tells me she is not though. She is my silver lining every single day!

    God bless you!

    • Meghan says:

      It’s funny, I still see both of them as toddlers running to the door to greet me. And yes, they’re my silver lining every day, too. Thanks for commenting, Pat!

  3. PAt Sincox says:

    I am telling you again, girl, that you have a best-seller on your hands. 100 Days of Karma has got to be made into a book. I’ll buy it if you will sign a copy!!

  4. Thuan says:

    We are counting down Jamie’s “first day”! There are only 2 more! She starts freaking out when we reminded her that! I start freaking out!
    I remember those kindergarten days. I had the same worries that other kids will make fun of my kids for having mom/dad with dark hair, short legs, crooked teeth, strange accents, broken English, smell weird, … You name it!
    Our kids are more resilience than we think they are.

    This year, it was painful for me to see that SHE got her schedule fixed without ME yelling at the counselor. She starts to be more and more independent, Meghan!
    BUT, don’t you dare thinking about not embarasing yours, those looks on theri faces are priceless! Keep embarasing them!

  5. Rene says:

    That brought back 2 particular memories 1) the first (and every) day of junior high! Heaven forbid. It was ok on the first day to drop my son off in the front of the school. I almost was not allowed to make eye contact as he got out of the car. Any day after that and it was permissible to leave him at the curb. He would walk to the front of the building. And 2) the first apartment I moved my daughter into. Not college dorm, but year 3 when she moved into a real apartment with roommates. I sobbed all the way home (UH to Alvin is only 45 minutes!) Geez! And my hubs just puts up with me 🙂

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