• Another 100 Days of Good Karma: Day 170 (Missing the Point: The Box and the Bag)


    Sunday, December 28, 2014

    Run/ Walk/ Bike/ Elliptical (Today:  0.00 miles;  Running Total: 102.83 miles)

    Day 170 of *Another* 100 Days of Good Karma.

    [This actually happened before Christmas, but I had to share. Another brilliant ‘missing the point’ moment brought to you by yours truly.]

    We were packed up and Justin was loading the car so we could leave for the ranch. I walked outside to see if I could help.

    As usual, the car was packed to the rafters.

    Justin tried to cram a large box of stocking stuffers and small Christmas gifts into the top of the heap. It didn’t fit.

    “Here,” he said, handing me the box. “Put this in a garbage bag so it’ll fit.”


    I carried the box into the house and dug out a garbage bag.

    I admit, I had my doubts.

    The mouth of the bag wasn’t quite wide enough to fit around the edges of the box.

    But orders were orders.

    One edge of the bag kept slipping off the box. Every time I’d put it back, another edge would slip off.

    I heard the back door open behind me, heard Justin walk into the kitchen.

    He paused behind me, though he didn’t say anything.

    Just then I pulled the last edge of the bag over the corner of the box.

    But I could see that if I shoved the box into the garbage bag, the bag would rip to shreds.

    “I don’t think this is going to fit,” I said over my shoulder. “It’s going to tear the bag.”

    “Hey,” Justin said. His voice sounded funny. Too low and controlled.

    “Yeah?” I looked back over my shoulder.

    “The stuff in the box. Put that in the bag.”

    I looked back at the box, at the bag dangling limply from one side.

    And only then did I wonder how putting a garbage bag around the box would make it fit into the car better.

    “Ohh. Well. That would be easier, wouldn’t it?”

    Justin shook his head and walked back outside.

    Today’s silver lining: It makes for a good story!

    [Like this one?  There are more.  Click on Blog, then look under the Missing the Point category.  Enjoy! ~Meghan] 

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  1. Linda says:

    One evening, whatever I was doing really stunk up the microwave, and I felt it needed to sit open for a while to air out. But as I observed to my brother-in-law, when the door was open, the light was on. . . ..and I didn’t want the light to be on all that time. . . ..He gave me “that look” and said, “Why don’t you just UNPLUG it and leave the door open?” Duh! [File under we all have those moments. . .]

  2. Tina says:

    Laughing so hard. That’s awesome.

  3. Tamela says:

    I like this one almost as much as the “Leo-pard” story LOL!

  4. Kristel says:

    That would totally happen to me. I’m way too literal too! 😀

  5. Amy says:

    You always make me laugh so hard!! You did what the man asked…Go You!! It’s 2015…we need to get our coffee date on the calendar! Maybe it’s a run date followed with coffee?? 🙂

  6. Monica says:

    Hmmm, sounds similiar to the “Put lotion on, so your pants won’t have static cling.” LOL, I will never forget that story!

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