• Another 100 Days of Good Karma: Day 174 (Getting Ready for Last Chemo)


    Thursday, January 1, 2015

    Run/ Walk/ Bike/ Elliptical (Today:  0.00 miles;  Running Total: 109.9 miles)

    Day 174 of *Another* 100 Days of Good Karma.

    I spent the day getting ready for chemo on Friday.  As much as I can get ready for it anyway.

    I cleaned the house.  The kids pitched in, though they played more than they cleaned.

    Every time I passed by a mirror I stopped to admire my eyebrows. I swear, seeing them grow back is better than Christmas.

    Speaking of Christmas, we took down the decorations.  The tree needles have been vacuumed up and the tree is ready for bulk trash pick up day.

    Laundry is done, though not folded.  It’s sitting in a heap on the couch.

    I feel like I’m saying goodbye to normal life.  I appreciate the little things more this morning.

    The taste of coffee. The energy to clean.  The ability to sit up.

    I want it over with but at the same time, I never want to go back again.

    Justin cooked dinner.  While standing over the stove he poured a glass of wine.

    I eyed it jealously.

    He sipped it and said, “It’s motivation.”  Then he had the nerve to wink.

    Damn him.

    God I hate chemo.


    Today’s silver lining:  Last one. 

    What’s your silver lining today?  I love comments!

    Don’t want to leave a comment, but have something you want to share?  Send me an email at gettingthewordswrong(at)gmail(dot)com.


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4 Responsesso far.

  1. marriannad says:

    I’m still reading your daily posts and I’m still holding you in prayer. I love your courage and your willingness to put yourself out in blogland for us to learn more about the challenges of fighting breast cancer. As I write this comment, I think you are in your last chemo treatment. I know you will be tired and dragging for the next few days. BTW, thanks for the radiation treatment protocol you posted yesterday. Keep on keeping on. No, you aren’t sick – you have cancer and you are fighting it in style. Love your writing style, too. Take care.

  2. Michale Bauer says:

    I’m keeping you in my prayers, especially today for your last chemo treatment. May the next few days be very kind to you.

  3. Tina Smith says:

    Thinking of you, Meg! Last chemo. LAST CHEMO!

  4. Kristel says:

    I’m thinking of you with your last chemo too. You’re in the home stretch!
    A word on radiation, Dad found it easier than chemo. Hopefully you will too.
    Cheers to your eye brows growing back!

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