• Another 100 Days of Good Karma: Day 202 (Home from the Hospital)

    Thursday, January 29th, 2015

    Day 202 of *Another* 100 Days of Good Karma.

    Hello, It’s me. Tina. AGAIN.

    The morning started with me pep talking myself to drive the few blocks to get Meghan’s kids to day care. It was foggy and I couldn’t see well out the back. Also the back up cam was hard to make out. I thought maybe I could wipe off the back window with the windshield wipers, but couldn’t find the button to make the back ones work. I did what I always do when I can’t figure some new fangled thing out. I asked the kids.

    “Oh! I know how. Mommy showed me,” the youngest explained.

    I sighed with relief. “Awesome. Come on up here and show aunt Tina how to drive.”

    He giggled.

    Then he pushed a button. The radio came on. He pushed another and the emergency lights started blinking.

    I ended up getting out and wiping the window with my hand. The children totally failed me! But I knew they couldn’t be totally perfect after having gone to bed like little angles last night and being super amazing in the morning.

    After that task I had some writing work I needed to get done from an editor. I’d turned in a story last night and it had a ton of grammar errors. He fixed them and I had to approve each change. Note to self. Learn how to use commas. Then it was time to clean the house (mostly just laundry and dishes…. I may have indulged myself and organized a few drawers, cabinets, and cupboards :)) and get as much done in advance to prepare for Meghan coming home.

    At noon one of Meghan’s friends texted me and took me out to lunch. The amazing Wendy. She’s so awesome. I loved her instantly and we traded all our best Meghan stories. It was like a card game. I’ll see your hangry (so hungry you’re angry) Meghan and raise you a drunk Meghan. Hilarity ensued. We got back to the house and about fifteen minutes later Meghan and her husband pulled in.

    Wendy and I visited with Meghan. Made sure she had anything she would need. And when we ran out of things to do for her, we made sure she was emotionally taken care of. She was fine and doing great. This situation is not ideal. Meghan has been very honest on this blog, not holding anything back, but cancer doesn’t work well for any poetry. Cancer is not patient, cancer is not kind. We wish we could make it all go away, except we can’t. We can’t. That is the most frustrating thing about this entire situation. After Wendy had to leave I sent Meghan and her husband to bed. (To be honest I didn’t have to send them, they sort of stumbled in there).

    I don’t know if any of you have ever stayed in a hospital, but those who have know it’s not exactly a five star hotel. It will not be the best sleep of your life.

    With more quiet time I was able to check some of the comments on yesterday’s blog. I will confess, I wrote it up last night really quickly and I missed so much. I was tired, starving (waiting for my baked potato to finish baking—experiment: when you watch a potato bake it takes the exact amount of time as when you don’t stare at it. Proven theory.) After I typed last night’s blog, I sent it to my husband who posted it and so when I saw it come through my email this morning I got all excited to see Meghan’s new update, except it wasn’t Meghan. Total disappointment. I love her blog. She does a great job with it. I don’t mind filling in her shoes for a bit and I’m glad you guys are okay with it too.

    Anyway, it’s so nice that you all think I’m a good person, but it’s all selfish. I told Meghan I had to be there to poke her, rub her feet, and make sure she was taken care of. This community here where Meghan lives is perfect. Lot’s of people helping each other. During our wait for the surgery I got to talk to Justin’s mom for a bit. She reminds me a lot of my own mom. Soft spoken, just sort of always knows the right thing to say, and knows what’s best. I learned about Meghan’s husband’s family and how supportive (and so many!) they are. I come from a big family, too, so I related. Also how everyone here is so willing to jump in if it’s needed. It’s like that where we grew up, too (hint, I grew up with Meghan—we’ve known each other since the second grade). If someone is close to you like family, they don’t think twice to offer to help.

    My family and I have gotten this help a number of times and it was so appreciated. Meghan’s mom was the secretary at the school where I went. She was always a huge advocate for kids. Loves kids, is awesome with kids. She’s been that person at my school who took care of every bump and bruise. And Meghan’s dad has helped my parents a lot after their house burned down over the summer hauling scrap and clearing spots for the construction crew to come in. So when people say “it’s good of you to do this” I shy away, because it’s hard to hear. Doesn’t everyone do their part, and give what they can? Maybe I’m not good with compliments. I think we all have done things to make this easier for Meghan’s family. I’ve gotten to meet some of these people, and I’m totally their biggest fans.

    While Meghan was napping her friend Veronica came by. Again, another really fun person. We swapped stories and it was so good to finally meet some of Meghan’s friends after she’s talked about them so much. Turns out Veronica is from the same area Meghan and I grew up. So cool!

    Back to Meghan: As I write this she’s watching a movie with the kids. She’s been walking around, joking, visiting with friends. She’s doing really, really well. I think all the running she’s done has made her tough. It’s likely cut her recovery time down by a ton.

    I’ll keep you all updated.

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  1. tiffany says:

    Thank you for being there for Meghan and her family, as well as keeping the blog going. We all love Meghan ‘ s stories, and to keep up with her.

    Prayers for a quick recovery!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Tina, thank you so much for being there for Meghan, Justin and the kids!!! I am Justin’s aunt, and unfortunately I live 4+ hours away. Her blog keeps me and so many others informed, so thank you for keeping it going while she’s down.;). God bless you!!! Still sending prayers for her! Thank you, again for your love and care for her!;)

    • Tina Gower says:

      Thank you, Jeannie! We are hoping people are getting the updates they need to be assured she is doing well. I’ll keep going as needed until she’s able to come back herself. Sending you hugs. I know it’s hard to be that far away and worried about your family.

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