• Another 100 Days of Good Karma: Day 205 (Departure)

    Sunday, February 1st, 2015

    Day 205 of *Another* 100 Days of Good Karma.

    I woke up early this morning and nobody else was awake, so I packed and went down stairs to clean the kitchen and pick up as much as I could before I had to leave. It wasn’t too long before Connor came out looking for Hannah.

    “Where’s Hannah?” he asked, confused. “I’ve been looking and looking for her and I can’t find her. Was she upstairs with you?”

    Hannah had gone on a sleepover and Connor was going to go as well, but he’d fallen asleep. So I had to break the news to him. He walked calmly and threw himself against the stairs. For the next few minutes I experienced true five-year-old agony.

    “That is so unfair!” Insert whining noises. “I just wanted to wake up and be there.”

    I consoled him as much as I could but I wanted to throw myself next to him. I didn’t want to leave today. I just want to wake up and be there, but I have to go back. Justin’s mom is coming later today to take over for the next week. The week after that our friend Mindy will be there for a week. That should hopefully get Meghan and her family through the worst of it, while she’s healing. I know the kids are going to have a blast, because I’m no replacement for Grandma. Let the spoiling commence. I will be old news.

    When Meghan woke up I got her breakfast and we chatted about my novel. Yesterday we discussed her short story and now it was my turn to pick her brain for ideas. And she came up with some awesome things I can’t wait to write. Then I ran up stairs to get my things, while Justin stripped the drain lines. When I came back down, I laid in bed with her and we talked about favorite books, the cancer vaccine that we invented and will patent, and whether or not people would not get the vaccine because of vaccine fears.

    This is how we interact. A series of sarcastic quips back and forth. Usually a meta conversation where we say more by what we don’t say than what we do. And then Justin came in to tell me it was time to get going to the airport and I whined that I didn’t want to go. I imagine I could have rivaled Connor in the fit I threw, but I held back. I stayed strong while Meghan laughed at me and we both gave each other the evil eye to not make the other cry. We’d done way too much of that during the week.

    And things are getting better. It’s not there yet. But in time.

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