• Another 100 Days of Good Karma: Day 260 (Binge Organizing)


    Saturday, March 28, 2015

    Run/ Walk/ Bike/ Elliptical (Today:  0.00 miles; Running Total: 218.59 miles)

    Day 260 of *Another* 100 Days of Good Karma.

    In the morning I did this week’s leg workout.  Then the kids and I went to the movies. I exhausted all my parenting awesomeness on the movie so we stayed home Saturday night.

    Hannah and Connor were occupied binge-watching iCarly episodes in the living room. I was bored and restless so I started cleaning the kitchen.  I started unloading the dishwasher and reached to put a couple of kid cups away.

    I keep plastic kid cups in a drawer next to the sink instead of in an overhead cabinet because it’s easy for the kids to reach. This way I don’t have to stop what I’m doing every time they want water.

    I prefer to think of this as ‘teaching them independence’, not ‘laziness’.

    *gives everyone a hard stare* Quit judging me.

    But I couldn’t fit any of the cups in there. Somehow that drawer became a catch all. Water bottle lids and mason jar lids and useless plastic utensils with the saying I stole this from Joe’s Crab Shack printed on the side.

    I had nothing better to do so I started cleaning out that drawer. I took everything out, evaluated what I needed, what was garbage and what could be donated. I put the ‘keep’ stuff back, tossed the ‘throw away’ stuff in the garbage or recycling bin and put the ‘donate’ stuff in a pile.

    Now the kid cups from the dishwasher fit nicely in their drawer.

    But when I opened the silverware drawer to put those items away, now that drawer looked messy. So I cleaned out the silverware drawer with the same method. Remove all, make three piles: keep, throw away, donate.

    Now happy with both drawers I opened up an overhead cabinet to put the glasses away. It was a disaster! I couldn’t live like this!

    So I cleaned out that cabinet. And another. And another.

    Pretty soon it was 9:30 at night, the dishwasher still wasn’t unloaded, and I was sitting on the floor cleaning out pots and pans, arranging Tupperware and wondering why the hell I own a cake ball maker, an Easy Bake oven and a waffle iron (ask me how often I make waffles).

    After I was done I opened all the drawers and cabinets and just looked inside, admiring my work.

    Hannah looked in the kitchen. “What are you doing?”

    I could feel a big, goofy grin on my face. “Having fun.”

    “That doesn’t look fun,” she said, looking puzzled.

    “Wait ’til you’re thirty five.”

    She just shook her head in a way that said grown-ups are so weird and went back to her TV show.

    Today’s silver lining: My kitchen is now organized and I have a hefty donation pile.

    Will it stay this way?  I doubt it.

    Life is messy and with three other people living in this house I’ll probably go on another organizing binge in six months. That is, unless I want to be a kitchen-Nazi and never let anyone else help put things away.

    (um… Pass. I like having help.)

    But it feels good to get rid of stuff.

    What’s your silver lining today?  I love comments!

    Don’t want to leave a comment, but have something you want to share?  Send me an email at gettingthewordswrong(at)gmail(dot)com.

    xoxo, Meghan

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7 Responsesso far.

  1. Tina Gower says:

    Sounds like a good time to me 🙂 Also what where you thinking of having an organizing party without me!!? *feeling jealous*

  2. pwsquare says:

    Sounds like a fun day. ( I was up last night after midnight organizing (and throwing out stuff) my coffee mug cabinet, I swear they multiply at night)

  3. Kristel says:

    LOL I relate. I spent 6 hours Saturday spring cleaning the house from top to bottom. Chuck said “you don’t have to do this while I am away, I can help you when I get home” but I don’t think he can relate that it was very peaceful and relaxing for me to do this alone. It was very therapeutic. I feel like hunting down and getting rid of dirt is my super power. hahahaha. No seriously, it’s a super power right?

  4. Mom says:

    You still have the Easy Bake Over we got you so long ago? WOW!
    Love you, Mom

  5. Chrystal T. says:

    I love the feeling I get when I finish organizing!!! 🙂

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