• Celebrating NSVs


    (Last Week’s Mileage: 9.4 miles; Running Total: 19.21 miles)

    I’ve been doing the Beach Body 21 Day Fix for a few weeks now and I joined an online challenge group. There are a lot of things I like about the program already. Ask anyone close to me what I’ve been talking about all week. It’s all Beach Body and clean eating and getting my workouts in.

    I’m in no way affiliated with Beach Body so they’re basically getting free advertising in this post. I don’t care. I’m just that excited about it.

    My favorite thing about the program is the incredibly positive atmosphere the Beach Body coaches create.

    I like that they focus on NSV’s or Non Scale Victories.

    I’ve known for a long time that the scale isn’t the ultimate barometer in living a healthier lifestyle. Unless you have a super fancy scale it’s not going to tell you the difference between muscle and fat. It can’t tell if you’ve lost inches or made healthy diet changes.

    Think of the scale number as gravy on top of the Non Scale Victories.

    I love this approach to living a healthier lifestyle because it’s really the NSV’s we’re looking for.

    This week I got into a pair of pants I haven’t worn for a year. That was an NSV.

    I got through a crazy ambitious workout week.

    Monday – Total Body Cardio (30 min) and 5 mile run/walk

    Tuesday – Upper Fix (30 min) and Pilates with a personal trainer

    Wednesday – Lower Fix (30 min) and 2 mile run/walk

    Thursday – Pilates Fix (30 min)

    Friday – Pilates with personal trainer and 2.4 mile run/walk (my DVD quit working so I improvised)

    Saturday – Dirty 30 (30 min)

    Sunday – Yoga Fix

    That was an NSV.

    I ate in proper portions most of the time (we will not be discussing my Memorial Day Barbecue food failures) and stuck to the eating plan whenever I could.

    That was an NSV.

    Because of all those choices last week I have another NSV to share: I lost 2 overall inches.

    I lost five pounds, too, but that’s just the gravy on top. The inches are what made me do a super excited happy dance.

    I was so excited about my NSVs after just one week that I can’t wait to see what happens after three weeks.

    What were your Non Scale Victories this week? I love comments!



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