• Same Routine, Different Writing Projects


    Since the daily blog posts ended last week my writing routine has remained the same. I still get up early and sit down to my computer in a dark house before anyone else wakes up.

    I knew after the daily posts ended I wanted to keep the habit of writing every day, no matter what I was working on.

    So the routine is the same. Only the projects are different.

    This week I’ve been working on a letter to a friend’s little girl. She was born about a month ago, and her mom had the foresight to give her a lifelong gift. She wanted her daughter to have a letter for her birthday every year. At the baby shower I was assigned the task of writing a letter to a future 19 year old.

    I’ve been putting the job off because of the daily posts. I just couldn’t seem to split my brain between the two tasks.

    Now that the time is freed up I took a few days to write the letter.

    I took my time with it and really thought about what I wanted to say. I tried to think of all the things I wish someone would have said to me at 19. Or, if people did say these things, the things I wish I would have listened to.

    Let me tell you, at thirty five the age of 19 doesn’t seem that long ago until I try and ‘talk’ to someone who is 19. At which point my mother starts speaking through my mouth and typing through my fingers.

    The letter was harder to write than I thought it would be (it took me three days instead of the one I had originally planned), but when I sealed the envelope I happy with the outcome.

    I dropped the letter in the mail and crossed the task off my To Do list.

    I’ve given myself a writing project every day for the next two weeks. The letter was my project this week. Next I’ll start revising a story I plan on submitting to magazines for publication.

    I don’t know if it’ll get picked up by anyone but at least it’ll be ‘done’ instead of an unfinished job hanging over my head. I don’t like leaving things undone.

    It’s been strange not writing a blog post every day but I’ve found plenty to occupy my time.

    And it feels good to move on and do new things.

    How have you moved forward on your goals today? I’d love to hear about it!



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