• Deer Park Independence 10K

    On Saturday some friends and I did the Deer Park Independence 10K (6.2 miles) fun run. The race started at 7:30 in the morning and it was shaping up to be a hot one. By 7:30 the heat was already almost unbearable. We took our time and walked when we needed to. And we saw some pretty funny stuff along the way.

    Pre-race photo. We got this. No sweat. Well... maybe a little sweat.

    Pre-race photo. We got this. No sweat. Well… maybe a little sweat.

    We saw plastic deer. Amy said, “Why are there plastic deer behind a fence?”

    I thought a moment. “Well… We are in Deer Park.”

    So we stopped for a picture.

    Plastic deer. In Deer Park. Now that's funny.

    Plastic deer. In Deer Park. Maybe it was heat delirium but, at the time, this was hilarious.

    The day was ridiculously hot. The sun beat down on us and the breeze was intermittent. There were long stretches of no shade. And somewhere around mile four we saw Jesus.

    No, for real. He was on a fence.

    So we took a picture with him. I mean, who am I to say no to Jesus?

    This was just painted on someone's fence. We couldn't resist taking a picture. I mean, he was pointing at us.

    Jesus wants YOU.

    After the race I grabbed a banana and a couple of bottles of Gatorade. One of the sponsors offered me a cinnamon roll, but the thought of eating it made me want to hurl. When I got in my car to head home I realized just how brutal the day had been.

    Take a look at the temperature in the top right of the screen. Brutal.

    Take a look at the temperature in the top right of the screen. Brutal.

    But we finished (time: 1 hour 34 minutes)! I think my next race adventure will be in the fall. When it’s not ninety degrees.



    I love comments! Every time you leave a comment, another plastic deer finds a home.

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  1. Tina Gower says:

    Run so hard you see Jesus. This could be it’s own meme.


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