• June/July Fitness Goals


    I’ve spent the last few days defining my nutrition and fitness goals for the next month.

    During the last Beach Body challenge I learned something about myself: I hate salad.

    I don’t like raw vegetables. Like, at all.

    I’m good with roasted veggies, stir fried veggies, and steamed veggies.

    Salad… *shrug* meh. It does nothing for me.

    Unfortunately I’ve also found that the Beach Body nutrition plan is infinitely easier to stick to if you do like salad. Salads are an easy way to get your greens in and you even have ways to dress up the salad (you’re allowed to have dressing and toppings).


    Goal #1: Learn to love (or at least like) salad. Replace at least one meal with a salad. Every day.

    One of the biggest downfalls of my last 21 day fix was wine. You’re allowed to have wine on the eating plan, but I found that one glass of wine turned into two which turned into a bottle which turned into me eating chips and queso and deep fried everything.

    So this time I’m giving up wine for the duration of this next four week challenge. That means no wine until July 13th.

    God, it even hurts to type that. I feel like I’m giving up a food group. But wine needs to go away for the next month and here’s why: I am an Abstainer. If you’re not sure what that means, Gretchen Rubin wrote a great article on Moderators and Abstainers. As an Abstainer, I find it much easier to walk away from a food or a bad habit than to moderate it.

    It also helps to declare my intentions for the world to see, so…

    Goal #2: No wine until July 13th.

    I’m going to modify the fitness schedule a little this time. During the last challenge this was my schedule:

    Monday – Total Body Cardio Video (30 min) + Run three miles (~45 min)

    Tuesday – Upper Body Video (30 min) + Pilates with Personal Trainer (45 – 50 min)

    Wednesday – Lower Body Video (30 min) + Run two miles (~30 min)

    Thursday – Pilates Video (30 min) + Pilates with Personal Trainer (45 – 50 min)

    Friday – Cardio Video (30 min) + Long Run (60 – 75 min)

    Saturday – Strength Training Video (30 min)

    Sunday – Yoga Video (30 min)

    The videos were Beach Body workouts. The rest was what I was already doing on my own.

    It was too much.

    It’s not that I wasn’t physically capable of that level of activity (because I am and I did do it), but I don’t want to work out for an hour and a half to two hours a day. I want to get in and get out and get on with my day.

    In creating my goals for the next four weeks I took a closer look at how the Beach Body 21 Day Fix workouts were structured.

    • Cardio happens a few times a week.
    • Strength training alternates days with cardio.
    • The weekend has one hard day and one easy day.

    This sounds almost exactly like the workout schedule I maintained during radiation. I never felt burnt out or bored while doing that schedule.

    I don’t want to give up running or the Beach Body workouts, so going forward I plan to…

    Goal #3: Modify my workout schedule so it blends cardio and strength training, but doesn’t take all damn day. 

    The Beach Body system definitely has some things right. They tell participants over and over that living a healthier lifestyle is all about setting goals and making small changes. I feel pretty good about these goals for the next month.

    Even if I do already miss wine.

    What are your fitness goals? I love comments! Every time you leave a comment on fitness goals a fat cell dies an agonizing death. 



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