• Workout Clothes – Do You Match?

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    Have you ever seen the people at the gym that look like they have it all together? You know who I’m talking about.

    Their hair is in an immaculate pony tail because they were blessed to be born without frizzies sticking out every which way.

    Somehow they manage to do three miles on the elliptical and look cute afterwards.

    They have on their pink tank top and perfectly matching pink Nikes.

    They look the way you’re supposed to look in yoga pants.

    I look nothing like this when I work out.

    I used to feel bad about being on the treadmill next to women like this. I mean, really, how the hell do they do that?

    My workout clothes never match. Like, not at all.

    I choose workout clothes based on the type of work I’m doing and if they’re clean. Not how they look.

    My running shirts are all tech shirts. They range in color and degree of wear. Stains be damned. If they don’t smell then they still get worn.

    I have three different running hats. One is pink, one is black and one is emerald green. When I’m heading out the door I grab the cleanest one (ie. the one that smells the least) regardless of what color my shirt is.

    I love my running shoes. I picked them because they’re suited to my feet and my running goals. They’re also bright blue. At the time of purchase, color was secondary.

    So the only thing my shoes match is a Smurf. An electric blue Smurf.

    The closest I come to color coordination is with my shorts. Those are all either black or grey but that’s purely by accident. Black and grey just happen to be the most common colors in stores.

    And while we’re on the subject of shorts, these are chosen for functionality, too.

    Let’s be honest… No one chooses spandex shorts because they look good in them. Spandex shorts are chosen because you have thighs that chafe like a bitch.

    On any given day my workout attire could be a pink hat, a teal shirt, whatever two running socks I could find in my drawer (these never match) and of course my blue running shoes.

    I know I look like a hot mess when I leave the house. I’m okay with it because by the time I get home I’m a sweaty hot mess.

    I know myself well enough to know that if I look put together then I won’t work as hard.

    I also know that the sloppier and more disgusting I am at the end of the workout, the happier I am.

    I have a friend on the other hand that says she feels more motivated to get out the door when she coordinates her workout clothing. I’m baffled (and slightly jealous) of this.

    See, there was a time when these color coordinated creatures intimidated me.

    Now I know their ability to match socks does not mean that they know some special gym secret that I don’t. It also doesn’t mean they’re secretly laughing at my superhuman ability to sweat through an entire shirt in twenty minutes.

    Now I see their matching shirts and shoes and figure ‘that’s just how they get motivated’.

    Now I figure that as long as the workout gets done then it really doesn’t matter what you look on the way on the way there.

    Do you match when you workout? I’m fascinated by your kind! Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!



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  1. Susan says:

    Yes, everything must match. The tee shirt matches the stripe down the side of the pants with coordinating socks. Then, if walking, the hat matches also. Are you surprised?

  2. Pam says:

    Ha! I most definitely do NOT match. I wear the same thing to go to the gym every day: bright orange running shoes, black yoga pants, and a t-shirt that is not orange. I’m on sabbatical right now, so then I go to the shower and change into the same bright orange running shoes, a fresh pair of black yoga pants, and a fresh t-shirt that is not orange. Your closet sounds extensive compared to mine!

    Happy running!

  3. pwsquare says:

    In my mind I match when I go to that imaginary gym that is in my mind also.

  4. Chrystal says:

    I love to match! I feel good about starting my workouts when I do. Almost like I’m put together for this purpose! To work my body! It’s like putting my jewelry on that matches my outfit for the work day. It makes me feel ready.

    BUT I don’t let it stop me if I’m not totally coordinated. Because I just don’t have enough workout clothes, or I don’t do laundry enough to always be matched like some of those gals at the gym with the perfect hair. Must be nice for them!

    • Meghan says:

      See, it just works for some people! Which is awesome! I’m just color blind when it comes to working out. 🙂

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