• Five Signs It’s Time To Change My Workout Routine


    I’ve been doing the Beach Body 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme for a few months now. I’ve seen amazing results, and at first I was excited and very motivated. Unfortunately, just like with any fitness goals, I’m getting bored. I know I need to change my goals when these five signs rear their ugly heads.

    • I dread the workout. I used to like the videos, but now I dread pushing play. I have to drag myself to the workout where I used to look forward to that part of my morning routine.
    • The workout becomes predictable. None of the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts are what I’d call ‘easy’, but I can only watch the videos so many times before I know exactly what’s coming next. When I’m trying to stay excited about my workouts, predictability is a disaster.
    • My goals have changed. I didn’t run the entire month of July because I wanted to see what a month of Beach Body workouts could do. I’m pleased with the results, but I’m feeling myself drawn back to running.
    • When I’m on autopilot. I have to be engaged in my workout to really give it my best. If I’m on autopilot, I’m not giving it my best. Or, worse, I find reasons to quit in the middle of a workout I was proud to finish two weeks ago.
    • When it feels like work. I know when a workout feels less like playtime and more like a job, I find ways of phoning in my efforts.

    I miss running, so I’m going to set some new running goals. I don’t know exactly what those are yet. I’m definitely stronger from a month of strength training, but every form of exercise is unique so I’m curious to see where my running abilities lie after a month away from the sport.

    I’m going to give myself a Test Day then set some new running goals.

    And, here’s a bonus sign I’m doing the right thing by changing my goals: I’m excited again!



    How do you keep your workouts fresh? I love comments!

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