• Procrastination


    I sit down to write every day. Most days the words come easily. Other days. . . not.

    The other day I was working on a story. Or, rather, I was trying to make myself work on a story. I was stuck and I was having a hard time moving forward.

    I knew if I sat still and quiet and thought about the problem I’d figure out a solution. Except I didn’t want to sit still and both my phone and computer are portals to all the lovely brainless distractions the internet provides.

    I’d begin writing, then the irresistible siren song of the internet would disrupt my thoughts. My phone would give a little *ding* indicating I had a message on Facebook. Thus I disappeared down the rabbit hole of procrastination.

    Instead of focusing on my story, I . . .

    • Checked Facebook.
    • Browsed cute dog pictures.
    • Switched to cute dog videos.
    • Watched a YouTube video translating the Latin in the ‘Doc Holliday meets Johnny Ringo’ scene from Tombstone. (Here, because if you’re anything like me you know every line in that movie except for this scene.)
    • Posted said video on Facebook.
    • Ran.
    • Showered.
    • Made Coffee.
    • Drank Coffee.
    • Looked at my page on Facebook. Decided I didn’t like my profile picture.
    • Put on makeup.
    • Fixed hair.
    • Took selfie.
    • Posted on Facebook.
    • Reveled in the warm fuzzies I got from all the Likes and Comments on my photo (Thank you, everyone! You’re too sweet!).
    • Made this list.
    • Cleaned the kitchen.
    • Folded laundry.
    • Holy shit, FACEBOOK.

    I did eventually find my way forward in the story even if the journey was fraught with dog shaming pictures and celebrity gossip.

    Beware the time-suck that is the internet. It gets all of us sometimes.



    What is your favorite way to procrastinate? I love comments! 

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  1. I hate the Internet for this very reason!! I’m going to do Mac Freedom during the days when school starts up again.

  2. Annette says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ – exactly what I do.

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