• Morning Efficiencies


    It was a busy Tuesday morning, one of those crazy mornings where everyone has magically forgotten how to get ready. I was rushing around the kitchen stuffing my lunch into my bag and hastily signing school folders, only half listening to the cartoons playing on the television.

    I glanced at the clock. We had three minutes to make it to the bus. I hollered at the kids, “Get your backpacks! We gotta go!”

    And then Connor strolled into the kitchen, slow as a Saturday morning. His shirt was on inside out. His hair stuck up in the back. He was only wearing one shoe, the other twirling from the end of one hand.

    “Mommy, can I finish my show?”

    (nuclear explosions have nothing on me.)

    It was then that I realized we needed to implement some efficiencies to help with busy mornings.

    • Over the weekend, make lunches assembly line style. I’d rather eat the same thing every day of the week than scramble to make something every morning. I set out containers and fill them like an assembly line then stack them all in the fridge. This way I can just grab and go in the morning.
    • Everyone pick clothes out the night before. Avoid further confusion by laying them out with the right side out. I’ve tried having the kids pick all their clothes for the week on Sunday night but we’re not usually that organized. I’ve settled for making it a nightly routine that the kids pick out their clothes for the next day. They have to get everything. Socks, shoes, underwear. If they have to go looking for even a single item in the morning I’m guaranteed to listen to an early morning meltdown.
    • ALL ELECTRONICS OFF. This my biggest rule for weekday mornings. Wait. . . no. It’s bigger than just a ‘rule’. If I could take all the hell raising power of the Ten Commandments and condense it down into a single commandment, this would be the one. ALL ELECTRONICS OFF. Here’s the thing: If even a single electronic device is on in the house my children go from intelligent, growing human beings into drooling zombies who can’t tie their own shoes. (*ahem* See story above.) So now all electronics stay off until the evening. By then I’m a drooling zombie, too, so I don’t mind as much.

    There are other efficiencies I aspire to. I have entire boards on Pinterest dedicated to crockpot dump meals and freezer meals for an entire month. Maybe someday I’ll actually try those.

    (Shh. . . If you listen, you can hear Justin rolling his eyes.)

    For now, I’m just happy getting everyone out the door with minimal tears shed. Theirs and mine.



    What are your morning routines? I love comments! Every time you leave a comment a drooling zombie smashes an electronic device.

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  1. Mom says:

    Ah, yes, I remember it well! And you kids didn’t have to always get a ride to school. I hated the electronic things on in the morning too but it was harder on me than you kids than on me. I’d like to see all these things when I visit with you next month. WHY? WHEN? WHERE? and I CAN’T FIND THEM. Kids automatically know how to tick you off in the morning. Just make sure they don’t go to school with crying eyes cuz you never know what they will tell their teachers. I love lods too! If you kids had crying eyes, stayed home that day due to teachers jumping to conclusions. Smile you only have to worry until they go to college. It is sooooo much fun raising kids now adays!!!!! Have fun! Love ya lots, Mlom

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