• Three Things I Know Are 100% True About Running

    Or, in my case, two.

    Or, in my case, two.

    One day, poking around on the internet, I found this writing prompt: What are three things you know 100% to be true?

    Hm, I thought. That could be interesting.

    I sat down with a pen and paper and quickly realized I had a problem. The topic was incredibly broad and hard to pin down.

    Solution? A series! In three posts I’ll answer the question in relation to running, work and writing.

    So, on with it! Here are three things I know 100% to be true about running.

    One: Running is cheaper than therapy.

    Bad day at work? Stuck on a project? Go run three miles. By the end you either won’t care about the problem or you’ll have a solution to it. Guaranteed. And all it cost you was some tread off your shoes.

    Two: If you think you’re running, you’re running.

    Y’all, I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m slow.

    I average a 13:10 minute mile. I’m working hard at an 11:30 minute mile pace. I watch people who warm up at a 10:00 minute mile pace with envy because their warm up is my sprint.

    I still consider myself a runner.

    Speed is not important. Moving is.

    Three: Everyone fails. The key is to fail forward.

    Last Monday I had a terrible workout. I was sluggish and slow (even slower than normal). I had to take a ton of walking breaks. The harder I pushed the less my legs wanted to cooperate.

    By the time the workout ended I was pissed off and exhausted.

    So I logged the run and forgot it as soon as possible. A few hours later when I could think clearly (and I’d stopped being mad at myself) I analyzed what went wrong.

    1. I didn’t sleep well so I started out tired.
    2. My interval timer wasn’t set right and I had to keep messing with it while running. That accounted for several unanticipated walking breaks.
    3. I only got one cup of coffee in me when I normally have two.

    Of course that workout didn’t go well.

    So I fixed my timer, got a better night’s sleep, and made enough time for coffee. Guess what. . .? The next day was great!

    That is failing forward.

    So that’s it! After seven years of running I’m still learning, but those are the three things I know 100% to be true about running.

    What three things do you know about your favorite workout?



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  1. smashedpicketfences says:

    I love my walks. If I don’t get one, then the rest of my day doesn’t line up. I can’t concentrate, I feel sluggish.

    Aside from walking everyday, I’ve been thinking about doing a sugar-free week. I’ve heard so much about how sugar effects the way we feel. So, I’m kinda thinking about that.

    (PS. Can’t wait to see the the other two 100% posts!!!)


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