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    Kemah Bridge

    It’s Saturday morning. I’m sitting here in my pajamas, sipping my coffee and not going anywhere fast. Lazy weekend mornings are a nice recovery from a busy week.

    On Monday I picked my mom up from the airport. She’s been waiting to visit until she got over some health issues. As soon as her doctor gave her the green light she hopped on a plane aimed for Houston.

    It’s been fun to show my Mom around and take her with us on our weekday adventures. She got to watch Connor’s baseball practice and even a scrimmage between the parents and the kids.

    On Wednesday I came home from a long day at work and didn’t want to do any of the million things waiting for me at home. I declared dishes, laundry, and homework be put on hold and we went to dinner at a seafood restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

    Dinner On The Water

    We took a break Thursday because we were all exhausted, but we ended up having a mini-adventure anyway:  We got boo’d.

    The doorbell rang just after dark. When I looked out the window I saw a small Halloween bucket with goodies stuffed inside sitting on our front porch. A letter came along with the goodies explaining that we’d just been boo’d by one of our neighbors and it was now our turn to boo someone else. The kids were excited and immediately started picking out people in the neighborhood to boo next.

    On Friday, thanks to some good friends out at NASA, I managed to get my mom and a few friends in for a tour of the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL). This is the giant pool where the astronauts train for their space walks. I didn’t tell my mom where we were going. I just surprised her when we showed up.

    Two astronauts had a training event that day and we got to see them go in the water. I didn’t meet the French astronaut (he was busy with the suit engineers) but the American astronaut was very nice about taking pictures. As long as I’ve lived in Houston, my fascination with the space industry has never waned. I still think it’s as cool as I did when I was ten years old.


    Adventures can be found during the week, even if it’s just locally. Don’t wait until the weekends to have some fun.



    Ps. What weekday adventures did you have this week? I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment or send me an email at gettingthewordswrong@gmail.com!

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  1. Auntie Minute says:

    I love the pic of mom and you, both of you look great!! Keep pictures and stories while mom is there. Luv y’all.

  2. Karen says:

    You guys look so happy! Glad your mom was able to visit. She was so excited!!

  3. Mom says:

    Please leave more pics of you and your mom. I heard that your mom had a spectacular time at the Buoyancy Lab. Such a good looking astronaut that the two of you had pictures taken with. His last name was “Fisher” I think I was told. Great time. Heard your mom got very emotional being caught up in the moment and all. Hope the kids had as much fun as your mom seem to have. Lots of history and stories ALL OVER the County you live in. Also heard she left her mark at your house on the stairs. Just was having tooo much fun and forgot that she recently had had a hip replacement and went down. Oh well such is life with your Mom. She will miss the kids as much as they miss her. Next time though she will be stronger hopefully. Fun was had by all that I was told about!!!!!!!!!

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