• An Experiment: Changing My Workout Time

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    I ran an experiment this week: I wanted to see if morning truly was the best time of day for me to work out. I did this by working out later in the day.

    I’ve done it before. I worked out at lunch for over two years and before that I worked out after work for about a year. There are benefits to both. The lunch time workout was a nice break in the day, especially after a frustrating morning. The after-work workout was a great way to decompress after a full day at work.

    I thought I’d try them again to see if they worked better for me. The problem was, I was rusty. Working out away from home takes preparation and practice. Here are some tips I gathered this week to make these workout times easier.

    Lunch workout tips:

    • Pack your lunch so you don’t have to think about getting something after your workout.
    • Pack a gym bag with the standard clothes shoes and deodorant. Bring an extra pair of underwear. You’re not going to want to put on the sweaty pair from your workout.
    • Take time to cool off after your workout because if you’re anything like me, you’re a sweaty mess.
    • If you don’t have time for or access to a shower mid-day throw some dry shampoo, baby wipes and body powder into your gym bag. Think ‘whore’s bath’.
    • Pack a towel in your gym bag so you can stand on it while you’re getting changed in the bathroom.

    After-work workout tips:

    • Change before you leave work. Set your mind to the task.
    • Keep lunch light so you don’t feel weighed down come afternoon.
    • Pack an afternoon snack so you don’t go into your workout hungry.
    • Set the bar low at first. Just say to yourself “I’ll just do fifteen minutes.” You’ll probably go longer.

    I came to two conclusions after this experiment:

    1. Morning is the best time for me to work out. It sets my mind for the day and puts me in a better mood. And,
    2. Once you’re used to getting up early and working out in the morning it’s really hard to change your workout time.

    Even though I went back to a morning workout, the experiment wasn’t a waste of time. Now I know that if I ever need to switch things up I’ll have some good ideas on how to do it.



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  1. Catherine Murphy (Mom) says:

    ! I’m glad you are staying with the morning routine!!!!! I don’t think after work you have any time with the busy schedule with the kids. Keep on truckin’!!!!!!! Love you!

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