• Merry (Day After) Christmas!


    I’m sitting here sipping my first cup of coffee for the day. The kids are playing video games down the hallway. My mom is in the kitchen messing with her phone. The house is still morning quiet with gray clouds outside promising a rainy day.

    Listening to these morning noises, I am so grateful for my life, and so grateful for my family. I’m grateful for all the holiday fun we had. I’m grateful that this Christmas was infinitely better than last Christmas. I’m grateful to not be in treatment. I’m grateful to be in remission. I’m just . . . grateful.

    But, y’all?

    I’m tired.

    Christmas wore me the fuck out.

    So I’m going to sit here with my cup of coffee quietly relishing the fact that Christmas is over.

    Before I have to clean it all up.




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  1. Auntie Minute says:

    I did that this morning also, Uncle Bill was hunting so I just drank my coffee and enjoyed the quiet!!

  2. Nora Napier says:

    Savor the coffee and calm while you can. Big hug for you all!

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