• The Most Important Moment of Your Day

    There’s a moment in every day that is the most important. Have you ever noticed?

    It comes any time. It doesn’t have a schedule.

    Maybe it happens first thing in the morning when you’re running late for work and the kids have magically forgotten how to get ready for school and you’ve told them fifty times you need to walk out the door, but one is struggling to tie their shoelaces, the other still has uncombed hair, and you’re pretty sure no one has brushed their teeth.

    You’re about to lose your shit when a you get a quiet feeling that says, “Shhhh. Pay attention. This is important.”

    And if you do pay attention, if you do summon enough patience to help where help is needed instead of having the human equivalent of a nuclear melt down, if you do allow yourself to be fully present in that insane moment, there comes a feeling of purpose fulfilled. The feeling that no matter what else happens that day, you accomplished what you were meant to accomplish. Everything else might fall apart after you walk out that door, but it will all be okay because you saw the most important thing and you did it.

    The most important thing you do all day might be a conversation with your spouse about a problem they’re having at work and you just listen.

    Sometimes it’s as simple as a cashier smiling and asking, “How was your day?” Until that moment, the day might have just been okay, neither good nor bad. But that little moment of sincere human interaction makes you smile and respond, “Good.” And because of that moment, you mean it.

    The most important moment of your day can surprise you.

    I went to lunch with a friend recently and asked her how she was doing. She started crying. I didn’t have a clue she was having a hard time, but there was that quiet feeling again saying, “Now. Pay attention now.”

    Sometimes the most important thing you do all day is intimidating.

    Sometimes it hurts.

    Sometimes it leaves scars.

    But most times it’s easy to miss because the most important thing you do all day isn’t what you would have chosen for yourself.

    Most times it comes at the busiest, most stressful moments of your day when it’s easy to lose in the general noise. It’s a moment that compels you to slow down, sometimes stop all together, in times when it seems impossible to do either. It’s a whisper in a noisy room that proclaims no matter what else you have going on this thing takes priority over all else.

    It’s a moment less about maintaining control and more about surrendering control.

    And surrendering is hard.

    These are the moments that don’t go up on Facebook or Instagram because they’d probably make some really shitty pictures. But these are the real moments. The moments worth waking up for.

    Why do they happen? I suck at religion, but maybe God? *shrug* I don’t know.

    All I do know is that when I pay attention, when I pay all of my attention, toward the most important moment of my day, I feel like I’ve fulfilled my purpose that day. No matter if everything else goes wrong, the one thing that mattered went right.



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  1. Pat Sincox says:

    Kind of like a little “Paying Forward” moment in the day………..

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