• Working Out and Eating Right While Travelling

    I recently traveled cross country to visit family in California. One of my goals while travelling was to maintain my workout routine as much as possible. Working out when travelling is hard, but it isn’t impossible. Here are five tips for keeping on track.

    One: Have a plan. YouTube is an awesome resource for workouts on the go. There are hundreds of full length workouts, and a lot of them don’t require any equipment. Here are seven (one for each day of the week) to get you started. You can do one a day or pick your favorites and stick with those.

    Two: Eliminate unnecessary difficulty. If your intention is to get up and workout in the morning, skip the fumbling through a suitcase for a sports bra or socks. Lay all the clothes out the night before. Or, better yet, sleep in your workout clothes so you don’t have to get dressed in the morning.

    Three: Go grocery shopping. I bet where ever you travel to has a grocery store nearby. Go shopping and keep healthy snacks in the hotel room. You don’t have to go overboard. Carbs are everywhere and easy to find, especially when travelling. Vegetables not so much. You don’t need to prepare full course meals. Keep all of the foods as simple as possible.

    If you’re finding it hard to get enough vegetables in every day, grab some cans of V8. There is a regular version and a low sodium variety. I don’t buy these when I’m at home, but they’re sure convenient when you’re living out of a suitcase and eating at restaurants every day.

    Also, keep some easy to pack fruit in the hotel room. My favorite are the small oranges. They’re easy to transport, easy to peel, and they taste good.

    Four: If you find it hard to get moving . . . Open a browser, Google “workout motivation” then click the Images button. Now read every cheesy workout meme backed by sweaty fitness models until you find the moxy to put your shoes on and push play.

    Five: It’s okay to go easy on yourself. Look, sleep is hard to get while travelling and different elevations feel awful. I traveled from a low elevation to a high elevation, and my workouts felt different. I did a body weight workout from the list above that would have been a challenge at home, where I sit a balmy 20 feet above sea level. The same workout at  2,500 feet above sea level had me feeling like I I’d drunk a bottle of wine the night before instead of a cup of tea.

    My body was working extra hard to adjust to its new environment. If this happens to you, do what you can. Let the rest go.

    When all else fails and your back hurts from the crappy hotel bed that will never measure up to your own, just sleep in, eat the damn waffles with chocolate chips and go have fun. Your shoes will be waiting for you when you get back.

    Happy travels,


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  1. Pat Sincox says:

    I think I get a workout every time I read one of your blogs…………you are sooooo high energy!!!

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