• Sticker Burrs: A Poem


    for Richard and Leslee


    Lurking in the toes of socks

    Hiding within suitcases

    Crippling my dog’s paws

    Cruel mirth when we make faces


    Sticker burrs, small and vicious

    Insidious in nature

    Prowling for a shoebare foot

    Gloating over prey injured


    Sly hitchhikers from outside

    Firmly fix to every surface

    Winter’s cold eases harsh bite

    But Summer’s heat breeds ruthless


    Barbed thorns like tiny daggers

    Leave mean punctures in soft skin

    Our sharp agony delivers

    Pleasure twin to carnal sin


    We dust the red from boots

    And hope to quit them a while

    But time reveals the sore truth

    One sneaked in the laundry pile






10 Responsesso far.

  1. Leslee says:

    So true, so true!! OUCH!

  2. Annette says:

    Love it❤️

  3. Sue says:

    So perfectly descriptive! Love it!

  4. Pat Sincox says:

    When I was a young boy back in the Stone Ages, we (boys) of the neighborhood used to arm ourselves with these “stickers on a stem” and have fights with them. Slap some foe across the back with one of these little monsters, and you will really make an impression. We also had BB gun fights, where pellet rifles and CO2 rifles were within bounds. Kids grew up tough (or fast) on North Street………………or moved.

  5. Pat Sincox says:

    And I absolutely loved the poem…………well phrased.

    • Meghan says:

      Thanks, Pat! It was a fun to write. I caught myself giggling at my desk multiple times throughout the week with that one. 🙂

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