• Photo Essay: Fishing with Texas Gulf Coast Adventures

    Last weekend Justin and I took the kids fishing. We pulled them out of bed at 4am to be on the road by 5am to meet Captain Eric at Bastrop Marina at 6am. The weather was perfect. A bit cool in the morning, and warmed up nicely by the time we got back to the marina around noon.

    Captain Eric runs Texas Gulf Coast Adventures. He takes people fishing seven days a week. I personally was not looking forward to baiting hooks and taking fish off lines (I’m kind of a weenie when it comes to that), but Captain Eric made it easy. That man worked! He baited and cast out lines, took fish off hooks and always had another rod ready to go when fish stole the bait off our lines. He put us right over the best fishing spots, so even when we couldn’t keep the little ones we caught we were always reeling something in (which is, of course, the best part!). After we got back to the marina Captain Eric cleaned and filleted all the fish for us so we went home with bags of fresh caught fish ready to eat. He did all the hard work and left the fun stuff to us.

    If you’re interested in fishing, look him up on Facebook. You will not be disappointed!

    Here are some photos we took during the trip. Enjoy!




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