• Ten Life Lessons in Twenty Four Hours

    Life Lessons


    1. If I have to be, I can stay awake and be functional for a full twenty four hours.
    2. Phrases like ‘wound packing’, ‘sedation’ and ‘oxygen, in case he forgets to breathe’ when spoken by a medical professional are equal parts informative and terrifying.
    3. The care patients receive at Texas Children’s Hospital is top notch.  The five hour wait in the Emergency Room waiting area sucks balls.
    4. I will never, ever, ever leave my house again without a cell phone power cord.
    5. The stuff that comes out of an abscess has a smell.
    6. There is a time of day when there is no traffic in Houston.  And that time is three am.
    7. A five year old boy, upon waking in his own bed and finding a mysterious bandage on his leg, will remove tape (and gauze and seven inches of packing material) first and ask questions later.
    8. Packing a drained abscess while your child is sedated is vastly different from re-packing the same drained abscess while your child is awake.
    9. Angry birds, a meatball sandwich and a new toy will cure most five year old miseries.
    10. A five year old boy will milk a wounded leg for every ounce of sympathy it is worth. And I will let him.

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  1. Tina Smith says:

    Hanging out at Children’s hospitals is not cool. Glad he got the best care possible! Extra hugs and kisses from the Smith family 🙂

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