• Coming Back from a Workout Slump: Five Tips

    Recently I found myself in a workout slump. We had company in town and then a stomach bug crippled us for a week. No matter how I tried to work regular exercise into my routine I just couldn’t seem to find a rhythm.

    A workout slump is different than being a beginner. If you’ve been doing some form of exercise regularly and life interferes causing you to lose one or two weeks, that’s a slump. A beginner is different. A beginner hasn’t done any form of physical exercise for years and they have a whole different set of challenges when approaching exercise. I’ve had slumps before, and I know they’ll happen again. The trick is knowing how to come back from a slump.

    So here’s five handy-dandy tips on the topic:

    1. Do something easy to start. If you’re a runner, walk or do an easy run. If you’re into home workout videos, go with a body weight workout. You’ll still be challenged and you’ll feel better when you just start moving.
    2. Modify the hell out of it. If you’re doing workout videos at home, there’s usually one guy or girl that is the designated ‘modifier’. These folks are responsible for showing you an easier version of the exercise move. Check your ego at the door and follow them.
    3. Do yoga for a few days. Yoga is a great way to ease back into a regular routine. There are hundreds of free yoga videos in various levels of intensity on YouTube. Pick one that’s looks fun and commit to finishing it.
    4. Set your intention. Set a short term goal. Maybe your goal is to finish one workout. Whatever that looks like for you, whatever that takes, meet that goal. You may have to put the weights down and pause for 30 seconds to catch your breath. It doesn’t matter. Meet that short term goal. Finish.
    5. Set a new goal. Maybe nothing interfered with your schedule, and you just fell into the slump because you were bored with what you were doing. It happens. You can’t do the same thing day in and day out and expect to always be interested in it. Change it up. Try something new. Find a new goal. Get excited again.

    Restarting a regular workout routine is hard. Give yourself some credit for wanting to climb back into the saddle. If you put on some weight, remember that it took time to put the weight on, and it’s going to take time to take it back off. It’s not all going to come off with one workout, so slow down, killer.

    Get out there and move. You’ll be glad you did.



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