• Cooking with Meghan: Kitchen Lessons Learned


    Let’s have some fun, shall we? Anyone who knows me well, knows cooking is not my strong suit. I’m a superb eater. Eating is, like, my gift. But preparing the food I want to eat? Not so much.

    This is the first post in a series called Cooking with Meghan. There are a lot of Bloggers and YouTubers who post about their love of cooking. This, my friends, is not that. This is for anyone who doesn’t love to cook, but has to do it anyway.

    Cooking is a chore for me. It’s a purely utilitarian effort. I cook because I want to eat. There is no art in it for me and the kitchen is not my happy place. God knows I would have starved years ago if Justin didn’t do most of the cooking. He handles a) anything that will be seen by anyone else and b) anything I don’t know how to do (that’s a lot).

    Even with that sort of support, I still have to cook sometimes. Weeknights in particular, and I’m always looking for kitchen efficiencies because my sort of cooking involves eating a lot on minimal effort.

    This series will give you an insiders view of a non-chef operating in the kitchen. You can learn from my mistakes or you can laugh at my mistakes.

    I know I do.

    This week’s Cooking with Meghan Lessons:

    1. DO NOT put heavy whipping cream in the blender with your protein shake. Because, surprise, you will get whipped cream. A whipped cream protein shake is really damned hard to drink. BONUS: Now I know how to make whipped cream.
    2. Basalmic vinegar will turn boiled eggs brown. I meal prep for the week on Sundays. This week I boiled an 18 pack of eggs for easy to grab and go breakfasts. When I boil eggs I throw in some salt and some vinegar. I read somewhere that one or the other of those things will make eggs easier to peel. I can’t tell if the salt or the vinegar serves that function any better than the other, so I use both. Unfortunately, this week I ran out of white vinegar, but I found a bottle of basalmic vinegar tucked away in the pantry. Consequently, I ate brown eggs all week. They tasted fine. They were just… brown.
    3. Too much Paprika gives food a burnt taste. I made a large pot of cream sauce to put over chicken and rice for my lunches. The lid of the Paprika bottle was loose and oops! A shit load of red spice landed in the pot. I didn’t know how to undo the overspicing mistake, so I added more cream and in my head changed the word from ‘burnt’ to ‘chipotle’. BOOM. Chipotle cream sauce for lunch!

    Other things I learned this week that went way better than the things above:

    1. Increasing the fat content of food (think real butter, heavy whipping cream, and bacon) makes me less hungry between meals and makes every. damn. thing. taste better.
    2. Making your own tomato sauce and alfredo sauce is simple. Like, really, really simple. Like even-I-can-do-it simple.
    3. Enough butter and heavy cream will make even the pickiest kid clean their plate.



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  1. Mom says:

    I love Cooking with Meghan! You bring tears to my eyes from laughing. And by the way you and Tripper hated any sauces growing up! I will have you teach me how to make a good cream sauce. See you can teach me! Sound like fun!!??? I just love you!

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